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Electronic Signatures and Agreements

You acknowledge and agree that by subscribing to any of our services/plans as may be designated by the Company to accept the terms and conditions of these Terms, you are submitting a legally binding electronic signature and are entering into a legally binding contract. You acknowledge that your electronic submissions constitute your agreement and intent to be bound by this Agreement. According to any applicable statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances or other laws, including without limitation the EU, United States and the rest of the world. Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds once a charge has been made and the 1st day of our service has started. This means from the moment you submit and confirm your subscription and that your subscription becomes active, your order has begun. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon subscribing to any of our paid plans. However, we realize that exceptional circumstance can take place concerning the character of the product we supply. Product not-as-described: such issues should be reported to our support department within seven days from the date of the purchase. Clear evidence must be provided proving that the purchased product is not as it is described on the website. Complaints which are based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes are not honored.


1.1. Your IGNG subscription will continue month-to-month until terminated. To use the IGNG services, you must subscribe to one of our plans and provide us with one or more Payment Methods. “Payment Method” means a current, valid, accepted method of payment, as may be updated from time to time, and which may include payment through your account with a third party. Unless you cancel your membership before your monthly billing date, you authorize us to charge your next month’s membership fee to your Payment Method. Cancelation


•Natural growth service: You can cancel your subscription to our growth service at any time, and you will continue to receive our service through the end of your monthly billing period. (Unless an early ending to the service is specifically requested). More information on how to cancel your subscription can be found here: •Management service You can cancel your subscription to our management service, with a minimum notice of 14 days before your next subscription billing date. (Subscription charge dates can be found at all time by login into your account on More information on this here:

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