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Upleap VS. IGNG

Not sure about what service is right for you? We went ahead and compared several IGNG alternatives to our own.

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Upleap is an Instagram bot that place your account in a follow for follow loop. They claim to assign you with a "dedicated manager", which is not the case, or as one Upleap client says: "Uses stock images for their 'account managers'. Just do a reverse image search on TinEye to see the lies they have been feeding you! Fake people, bad service, misleading results.".


Upleap prices range from 39$ to 99$ / month

TrustPilot reviews: 6.4/10

Upleap has an overal TrustPilot rating of 6.4. Based on 84 reviews.

Service comparison Upleap IG Natural Growth
TrustPilot Score 6.4/10 Verify 9.9/10 Verify
Natural growth?
Targeted growth?
Live chat support?
Dedicated manager?
Average response time? 2h -1h

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